Accessing the Device Setup 

To access the YardsTech® Scales setup you need to connect your mobile device to the same network that the YardsTech® Scales are connected to. 

Then you simply start the YardsTech® App and it will detect any nearby devices.

To enter the device setup area, select the gear icon to the right of the listed device (see below).

Connectivity Options

WiFi Connection Type

There are two options available for WiFi connectivity. You can either setup the device to be a WiFi hotspot (also know as a WiFi access point), or you can connect it to an existing WiFi network.

If you select to connect the device to an existing WiFi network, you can enter up to 5 potential networks. When the device is turned on it will search for each of those networks and connect to the first one it can find. 

This is useful if you have a number of different networks the device will be working within (i.e. in different locations).

If you do choose this option, you can always start the YardsTech® Scales in hotspot mode using THIS PROCEDURE.

In hotspot mode the YardsTech® Scales act as a WiFi access point and numerous other devices can connect it it.

This mode is used when you don't have access to a WiFi network (like in your yards).

The WiFi network name is "YardsTech" and should not require an password/passkey.

WiFi Networks

If you selected the WiFi Connection Type as an existing network, you will be able to enter up to 5 external networks that you may wish to connect to. 

You need to enter the networks name (WiFi SSID) and the password/passkey to enable the YardsTech® Scales to access the network.

Bluetooth Connection Type

This is the type of connection you wish to use with YardsTech® inbuilt Bluetooth. If you wish to have third party software access the YardsTech® Scales, you should select "Connect PC to this device". 

If you wish to connect an EID stick or panel reader to your YardsTech® Scales, select the "Connect EID reader to this device" option. Any tags read by the reader will be transferred via Bluetooth to the YardsTech® Scales, which will then forward them onto any devices/apps (like the YardsTech® App) that are connected to YardsTech® Scales via WiFi.

To find discoverable devices located near the YardsTech® Scales, hit the Find Devices button. This process may take up to 30 seconds to complete. You can then select that device from the list of discovered devices. Enter a PIN code, if required into the PIN entry. Press the Test button to test the connection - within a couple of seconds the YardsTech® Scales should connect to the selected device. If no connection is made, please ensure the device is turned on, is accepting Bluetooth connections and you have entered the correct PIN code.

Scales Options

Load Bar Ports

Select whether you have load bars connected to either, or both of the load bar ports on the YardsTech® Scales.

The left and right ports are as viewed from the front of the YardsTech® Scales (label side), with the writing/text the right way up.

Load Bar Type

This option allows you to select which type of load bars/cells are connected to your YardsTech® Scales.

If the load bars you have are not listed you will be able to select the Custom option and use the calibration feature to calibrate your load bars.


Select which mass unit's you wish to use with your YardsTech® Scales. Select either kilograms or pounds.

Weight Capture Type

This option allows you to tailor the capture parameters to how you wish to work (and the type of animals you are weighing).

Precision capture type allows for the most precise weight to be captured. To achieve this precision the weight capture takes a longer amount of time.

The Fast capture is as the name suggests, a much faster capture speed, but at the sacrifice of precision.

The Standard capture type is the middle ground between precision and speed. This is where you should start and if you find you need more speed, or more precision, then choose one of the other options.

The Custom capture type allows you to set your own capture settings in the Advanced setup area, however we don't recommend this option unless you have discussed the appropriate parameters with a FarmXL® representative.

Weight Coarseness

This option determines how coarse the weight measurement is. In Fine mode the weight is captured in 0.1kg increments and in Coarse mode it is in 0.5kg increments. It is recommended that for heavier animals (like cattle) that you use the Coarse mode.

The Custom weight coarseness option allows you to set your own settings in the Advanced setup area, however we don't recommend this option unless you have discussed the appropriate parameters with a FarmXL® representative.