Following are some instructions on how to configure your EID reader wit the YardsTech® Scales. Note that you will have to use the YardsTech® App to configure the Bluetooth settings with your YardsTech® Scales.

If your EID reader is in the table below then set it up as per the notes/settings. This will ensure your EID reader and YardsTech® Scales will work efficiently together.

EID ReaderSet Reader asOther settingsNotes
Allflex RS420 Bluetooth master or slave
Use the Allflex configurator software to view/change settings.
Allflex LPRBluetooth master or slave
Use the Allflex configurator software to view/change settings.
Tru-Text XRP2Bluetooth masterBluetooth - AUTO
Output Mode - SINGLE
Data Format - DEC1
These settings can be changed directly on the device.
Gallagher BRBluetooth masterTurn OFF continuous tag readUse the Gallagher configurator software to view / change settings

Note : As a general rule it is better to set up the YardsTech® Scales as a Bluetooth slave, this is especially so when using the YardsTech® Scales as a WiFi hotspot, as the act of connecting to a Bluetooth reader can momentarily pause the WiFi functionality and can in some cases cause other devices connected to the WiFi hotspot to drop out.

If your EID reader is not in the table, then use the other EID readers in the table as a guide to how your EID might need to be setup your reader. If you would like to share how you setup your reader with other users, feel free to email the details to and we will publish them in this article.

To configure your EID readers Bluetooth settings in the YardsTech® Scales :

  1. Make sure your mobile device is on the same WiFi network as your YardsTech® Scales. 
  2. Open the YardsTech® App.
  3. Select the setup (gear) icon to the right of the device you want to set up.
  4. Select the Connectivity button
  5. Go to the "Bluetooth connecting to ..." section and select "An EID reader".
  6. In the "Bluetooth Connection Type" section select either "Connect as Master" is the YardsTech® Scales will be the Bluetooth master (EID reader is slave) or select "Accept connections as slave" if the YardsTech® Scales will be a Bluetooth slave (EID will be master).

If the YardsTech® Scales are setup as master, then you have the option to Search for, or enter the details of the device you wish to connect to. Note you may need the save the settings and reset the YardsTech® Scales before you can do a search.

If the YardsTech® Scales are setup as slave then you will have to use your EID reader's setup menu and/or setup software to configure how your EID will connect to the YardsTech® Scales.

If your reader asks for the Bluetooth/MAC address, it can be obtained in the Devices area on YardsTech® app. Keep in mind that the Device ID is different to the Blueetooth Address, so don't use the wrong one. Also note that the YardsTech® Scales do not require a pass code/pass phrase/pin for Bluetooth connection. Here is an example of where the Bluetooth Address is in the YardsTech® app and how the Gallagher BR reader is configured to be master ...