You can connect your YardsTech® Scales to Stockbook in a couple of different ways:

  1. Connect via WiFi - this is the preferred method to connect the YardsTech® Scales to Stockbook and if you are connecting an EID reader directly to your YardsTech® Scales, then it is the only way.
  2. Connect via Bluetooth - you can use this method if you do not have an reader EID reader connected to your YardsTech® Scales. Method 1 is still the preferred method.

NOTE : you can ZERO the YardsTech® Scales from within Live Entry by clicking on the Scale Weight box. It may take a couple of seconds to zero out. 

1. Connecting via WiFi


To connect via WiFi the YardsTech® Scales and the Stockbook PC MUST be on the same WiFi network. This can either be the YardsTech® Scales' WiFi hotspot, or some other WiFi network.


Setup steps:

  1. Open the Stockbook device discovery screen. From within Stockbook select Electronic Id. | Setup from the main menu. From within Live Entry select Setup | Setup Devices from the main menu ... or select Devices from the Live Entry opening screen.
  2. Select Gallagher WiFi as the scale device. 
  3. Select the Manual Setup button. 
  4. Select the Find Devices button. 
  5. Look for the YardsTech® Scales in the list (they will start with "FXL-YTSxxx") and hit the OK button.
  6. The name and the devices IP address should appear in the WiFi Device Setup screen. Hit the OK button. 
  7. You are now done.

NOTE: if your PC/laptop is unable to locate the YardsTech Scales and you are currently connecting to the YardsTech Scales on the YardsTech WiFi network, then you can just enter the IP address as