IMPORTANT : before you begin, make sure your unit is charged. If the unit loses power during the update it can cause the unit to become non functional.

Procedure to update the firmware cache on your device:

  1. Make sure your device (phone, tablet, etc) is connected to the internet ... DON'T connect to the YardsTech Wifi network just yet.
  2. Start the YardsTech® App.
  3. Select the Setup button.
  4. Select the Device Firmware Cache button.
  5. If you have the current version of the firmware already listed (2022.04.27) you can skip to the next section, if not proceed to the next step.
  6. Select the Clear Firmware Cache button.
  7. Select the Update Firmware Cache button and then wait. Two entries should appear in the list. IMPORTANT : it can take a couple of minutes to download the updates, so leave the screen open and the app active until you see both entries.
  8. Once completed you will have the latest firmware resident on your phone.

Procedure to update the firmware on your YardsTech® Scales:

  1. Make sure your YardsTech® Scales are turned on and that your device (phone, tablet, etc) is connected to the YardsTech WiFi network, or whatever network the YardsTech® Scales are also connected to.
  2. Start the YardsTech® App.
  3. When the device you want to update the firmware on is displayed in the list, click on the setup/gear icon.
  4. Select the Check For Device Updates button.
  5. If your device needs updating you will be presented with the update screen.
  6. IMPORTANT : read the instructions on this screen BEFORE you press the Update Device Firmware button.
  7. Note that once completed the YardsTech® Scales will automatically restart. The RED led will turn off briefly and then turn back on - this means that the update was successful. Note that you may need to restart your YardsTech® app if it doesn't automatically reconnect after the scale's restart.