Thank you for your purchase of the FarmXL® YardsTech® Scales. The YardsTech® Scale weighing systems is simple, tough, innovative and reliable.

Care and Maintenance

The YardsTech® Scales are a tough and reliable product, designed for use in typical livestock environments. However, proper care and maintenance can extend its life. 

Listed below are guidelines for keeping your YardsTech® Scales and loadbars in good operating condition: 

  • Store the YardsTech® Scales in a cool, dry area when not in use. Avoid storing in direct sunlight. 
  • After use, clean the YardsTech® Scales with a damp cloth.  
  • Don't submerge the YardsTech® Scales or loadbars in any liquid, or spray at high-pressure. 
  • If storing the YardsTech® Scales for a long period of time, store with the battery fully charged. Also note that the battery may discharge over time, so charge the battery prior to next use. 
  • Carefully position the loadbar cables to prevent trapping or crushing. 
  • Regularly clean the area beneath the loadbars to prevent a build-up of dirt/manure. The platform should be cleaned after use to prolong life. 
  • Do not transport loadbars with a weight applied to them. G-forces when travelling may exceed rated capacity for the loadbar. 


Connecting to your YardsTech® Scales

Following are the steps you need to take to initially connect to, and setup your YardsTech® Scales.

1. Download and install the YardsTech® app from the app/play store.

2. Turn the YardsTech® Scales device on. To do this press and hold the power button until the red activity light comes on. Note: if the unit has been previously configured to connect to a network (that you can not currently connect to), you can force it into hotspot mode by using THIS PROCEDURE.

3. Connect your mobile device to the YardsTech® WiFi network. Go to your mobile device's WiFi setup area and find the WiFi network called "YardsTech". If asked for a password/passkey, use the word "yardstech". You mobile device should then connect to the YardsTech® network.

4. Start the YardsTech® app on your mobile device and the YardsTech® unit should be displayed in the list of available devices.

5. You can now setup your YardsTech® Scales by selecting the gear icon to the right of the device. For more information on setting up the scales refer to this article.